Performance Evaluation of AODV Routing Protocol in VANET with NS2

TitlePerformance Evaluation of AODV Routing Protocol in VANET with NS2
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsRathi, D., and R. R. Welekar
JournalInternational Journal of Interactive Multimedia and Artificial Intelligence
IssueSpecial Issue on Advances and Applications in the Internet of Things and Cloud Computing
Date Published03/2017

In intelligent transportation systems, the collaboration between vehicles and the road side units is essential to bring these systems to realization. The emerging Vehicular Ad Hoc Network (VANET) is becoming more and more important as it provides intelligent transportation application, comfort, safety, entertainment for people in vehicles. In order to provide stable routes and to get good performance in VANET, there is a need of proper routing protocols must be designed. In this paper, we are working with the very well-known ad-hoc on-demand distance vector (AODV) routing protocol. The existing Routing protocol AODV-L which is based on the Link expiration time is extended to propose a more reliable AODV-AD which is based on multichannel MAC protocol. For the performance evaluation of routing protocols, a simulation tool ‘NS2’ has been used. Simulation results show that the proposed AODV-AD protocol can achieves better performances in forms of high Route stability, Packet Delivery ratio and packet loss rate than traditional AODV-L and traditional AODV.

KeywordsAODV, Internet of things, Packet Delivery, Routing, VANET
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