Conceptual Model for Smart Cities: Irrigation and Highway Lamps using IoT

TitleConceptual Model for Smart Cities: Irrigation and Highway Lamps using IoT
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsSolanki, V. K., M. Venkaesan, and S. Katiyar
JournalInternational Journal of Interactive Multimedia and Artificial Intelligence
IssueSpecial Issue on Advances and Applications in the Internet of Things and Cloud Computing
Date Published03/2017

Keeping in mind the need to preserve energy as well as utilize the available at its best the need was felt to develop a module that would be able to sort out the problem where resources such as water and electricity were wasted, in urban as well as rural area. Resource (electricity) was wasted as beside the point operation of Highway & High Mast Lamp; while wastage of water followed by improper trends and methodologies imparted for watering of city park, road side plantation and highway plantation. Thus as per Energy survey statistics of a City (Lucknow, India) it was found that major portion of resources (water and electricity) were being wasted due to negligent activities of officials who were in charge of resource management. So to facilitate energy saving trends and to completely modernize it to autonomous system, module below is proposed which incorporates modern technological peripheral and has its base ingrained in IoT (Internet of Things) which when put into consideration would result in large scale resource and energy saving.This developed module incorporates the peripherals such as Arduino, Texas Instruments ultra low power kits etc. in accordance with software technology including Lab View which help to monitor as well as control the various operation from the base station, located far away from the site. Lab View Interface interacts with all the module located at various city parks, subways and highway lighting modules. Later below in several section a detailed pattern and application frame has been put up.

KeywordsAutomatic, Autonomous robots, Internet of things, SmartCities
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