A Novel Hybrid Approach for Fast Block Based Motion Estimation

TitleA Novel Hybrid Approach for Fast Block Based Motion Estimation
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsArora, S. M., K. Khanna, and N. Rajpal
JournalInternational Journal of Interactive Multimedia and Artificial Intelligence
IssueRegular Issue
Date Published12/2017

The current work presents a novel hybrid approach for motion estimation of various video sequences with a purpose to speed up the entire process without affecting the accuracy. The method integrates the dynamic Zero motion pre-judgment (ZMP) technique with Initial search centers (ISC) along with half way search termination and Small diamond search pattern. Calculation of the initial search centers has been shifted after the process of zero motion pre-judgment unlike most the previous approaches so that the search centers for stationary blocks need not be identified. Proper identification of ISC dismisses the need to use any fast block matching algorithm (BMA) to find the motion vectors (MV), rather a fixed search pattern such as small diamond search pattern is sufficient to use. Half way search termination has also been incorporated into the algorithm which helps in deciding whether the predicted ISC is the actual MV or not which further reduced the number of computations. Simulation results of the complete hybrid approach have been compared to other standard methods in the field. The method presented in the manuscript ensures better video quality with fewer computations.

KeywordsInitial Search Center, Motion Estimation, Sum Of Absolute Differences, Zero Motion Prejudgment
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