IJIMAI 2020 - Special Issue on Soft Computing - Vol. 6 Issue 1

  • Year: 2020
  • Vol: 6
  • Number: 1

The International Journal of Interactive Multimedia and Artificial Intelligence (IJIMAI) covers all types of Artificial Intelligence (AI) research. The effort of reviewers, editors and authors have made the journal’s quality to go up every year. Last year, the goal of being included in the Journal Citation Reports index was achieved. It is totally clear to me that the journal could not have grown up that much without all the people that supports the journal. These include the abovementioned editors, reviewers and, specially, the authors, who trust and support the journal with their high-quality work. Let’s continue this trail and keep growing in order to make IJIMAI the influential AI journal that it deserves to be.

Last year, a set of very interesting special issues were published in this journal. Some of them are, for instance, the Special Issue on Uses Cases of Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing and Neuroscience, the Special Issue on Artificial Intelligence Applications or the Special Issue on Big Data and Open Education. This time, for the first issue of the year, we are glad to present a Special Issue on Soft Computing. Soft Computing is an AI branch that focuses on solving problems that have incomplete, inexact or fuzzy information. In other words, Soft Computing area includes algorithms and methods that are typically used when the imprecision or lack of the dealt data make other type of methods to become useless. Deep Learning, Machine learning and Fuzzy Systems related methods have achieved really good results even when the available data is not as good as desired. This success has converted the Soft Computing area in one of the most important ones inside the AI field.

This special issue’s goal is to reunite some of the most recent research on the Soft Computing area. The selected research covers different aspects and problems on the AI area in an effort to provide a clear overview of the state of the art on the topic.


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